School & University Education

Japan Aquaponics was set up to share information about this unique system and particularly to engage students of all ages, from Kindergarten to University.


Our AquaponicsforSchools programme uses aquaponics to teach children of all ages a great many lessons ranging from ecosystems, fish & plant care and growth as well as more scientific issues that directly affect an aquaponics system.

Educational Services


•  Consultation and Advice

•  Design, supply and installation

•  School seminars and classroom talks

•  Alternative sustainable garden designs


We generally design school and university aquaponics systems specifically for that institution and their specific requirements.  We do not charge for this bespoke design service.


Please click here to see an example of one of our school installations at Yokohama International School.

Home & Community Aquaponics

Growing and eating your own vegetables, herbs and fish is one of the healthiest and most satisfying ways to feed yourself and your family.


We offer a range of services for individuals, families and communities who are looking to grow their own food - not just aquaponics, but also a wider range of alternative, sustainable and ecologically friendly growing methods.

Commercial Aquaponics

Aquaponics has excellent commercial application and can be a profitable, sustainable and ecologically responsible way to grow high quality, high value fish and vegetables.


We can provide you with assistance for the entire life-cycle of your project and continued technical and professional support after your system has been designed and installed.

Home & Community Services


•  Consulting and Advice

•  DIY Guides and Solutions

•  Turnkey Aquaponics systems

•  Individual components to set up your own system

•  Plumbing pieces that can be difficult to find in Japan

•  Books, DVD's and Aquaponic System plans


Please do take a look at our store for items that you might need, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any specific requests or questions.   We are sometimes able to source and provide specific equipment that is not advertised on our website.

Commercial Services


•  Consultation (on-site and remote)

•  System Design and Development

•  System Installation and Testing

•  Project Management

•  Feasibility Assessment and Risk Analysis

•  Business and Financial Planning

•  Ongoing Support and Maintenance


Consultation fees will vary depending on the complexity and duration of your project, so please contact us for an individual discussion of our hourly, daily or whole-project fees.