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Aquaponics for Tohoku is our community initiative to promote aquaponics as a viable alternative farming and aquaculture method in Tohoku, as well as donating micro aquaponics systems to local schools in this area.


This PDF explains the work that we are doing and what we are trying to achieve.  It also outlines the AquaponicsforSchools initiative and how you can assist with that.


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The Aquaponic Source, and the Aquaponic Gardening Forum are two of the biggest aquaponics websites in the world, and if you look closely you will now see that Japan Aquaponics is featured on both!


Owner of these sites, Sylvia Bernstein, was recently in Japan with her son, and so naturally they wanted to find out more about aquaponics in this country.

April 2012

The Aquaponic Source discusses Aquaponics in Japan

March 2012

AquaponicsforTohoku - Fundraiser in Tokyo

On March 27th Japan Aquaponics held an awareness and fundraising event in central Tokyo to promote aquaponics, and to discuss how aquaponics could be used in Tohoku.


The event was attended by a variety of individuals with all different backgrounds, but a genuine interest in aquaponics.  Some were from a hydroponics background who are looking to move into aquaponics, others just interested in agriculture and sustainable issues.  There were many questions and some very interesting discussions about aquaponics and everyone was extremely positive about the event.


In March this year Japan Aquaponics was invited to Yokohama International School to talk about aquaponics to about 6 classes which was nearly 100 students and staff.


The elementary school children in particular were really excited about aquaponics and loved seeing the fish playing in the micro aquaponics system that we brought to the school.  They quickly understood the ideas of aquaponics and how it fits in with the environment and ecosystems. 

Japan Aquaponics is looking forward to working with the school as we design and build their very own aquaponics system to be placed prominently in the elementary school in April.

March 2012

AquaponicsforSchools - Yokohama International School

"The Organic View" on blogtalkradio usually has approximately 1 million listeners on the internet, and on February 7th they interviewed Sylvia Bernstein, one of the most well know proponents of aquaponics globally.


During the interview Sylvia discusses projects around the world and she mentioned the work that Japan Aquaponics is doing in Tohoku to help the local communities there after last year's earthquake. Japan Aquaponics is proud to note that Sylvia was a guest speaker at our recent event:



Feb 2012

blogtalkradio discusses Aquaponics with Sylvia Bernstein

Jan 2012

Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Seminar

In January, 2012 Aragon St-Charles from Japan Aquaponics was invited to speak before the Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Agricultural Committee.  The presentation was about aquaponics in general, and the AquaponicsforTohoku initiative.


We really enjoyed speaking at this event and are looking forward to working with the ANZCCJ in the future.  This is the write up of that event in their recent Newsletter.  Please do take a look through this  article as well as the other projects that the chamber is involved with.