Micro Aquaponics Unit


   W70cms x H53cms x D44cms



   Approximately 5kgs without water

   Approximately 35kgs with water



   Hydroton growing media

   Water Heater


Suitable for:

   Home use

   Classroom use

   Indoor use only

Micro Aquaponics System

The Micro Aquaponics System is our number 1 unit for use in all indoor environments.  It is perfectly sized for use in even the smallest areas, and for anyone looking to start aquaponics, this would be the perfect system for you.


This model can be used to grow a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers, and would be complemented by commonly available goldfish or small koi fish.


This model comes complete with almost everything needed to start a home aquaponics unit:


•  Frame

•  Fish Tank (50 litres)

•  Growbed (25 litres)

•  Quality Pump - compact and energy efficient

•  Pipework

•  Grow-bed Media (Lava rock)

•  Instructions for use



The kit will come with everything ready to be very easily assembled in your home or classroom.  You just need to add the water, fish and the seeds or plants that you would like to grow.

Price:  ¥21,000 + postage and packing

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Micro Aquaponics Unit
Micro Aquaponics Unit

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