Why We Are Helping

After the earthquake of March 2011 and witnessing the devastating after-effects, we realised that aquaponics could be of unique benefit to areas like Minami Sanriku whose farmers and fishermen are now experiencing the terrible repercussions of the tsunami  in that area.


In Fukushima certain areas will be unable to grow crops for decades to come due to the radiation in the soil, and in all of the areas that were inundated by the tsunami last year the salt levels in the soil will make growing certain crops very difficult and at the very least will result in significantly reduced crop yields.


As a closed system that needs no soil, aquaponics could be in a very unique position to offer an alternative method of crop and fish production that would allow farmers and fisherman to restart their livelihoods. 


Japan Aquaponics is working closely with individuals, communities and other relief-work based groups in Tohoku to help devise plans and implement strategies to introduce aquaponics to communities that are struggling with a wide variety of challenges.  

Aquaponics for Schools

Japan Aquaponics has designed and put together a micro aquaponics system that we would like to be able to donate to elementary and high schools in affected areas. 


These small units come complete with everything necessary to demonstrate the principles of aquaponics, and to show that there is an alternative to traditional methods of growing food that may no longer be viable in those communities.


We want your help to allow us to donate these systems free of charge to schools in Tohoku.  We have sponsors who have kindly agreed to assist with the distribution of the units and we are talking to schools officials who have offered support for this scheme.



Aquaponics for Communities

Many of the communities experienced severe hardship after the events of 2011, and are still coping with tremendously difficult situations to this day.


AquaponicsforCommunities is an initiative to help communities to build larger scale aquaponics systems in order to provide fresh food for themselves and to offer a sense of empowerment and hope.


Aquaponics can offer them a chance to work together in a community-led project to rebuild local areas, and forge links both within and outside their communities.


AquaponicsforCommunities is also working with local farmers, fishermen and agricultural groups to show them how aquaponics could be used as an alternative to traditional farming and fishing, and to offer a lifeline for those whose livelihoods were all but washed away last year.


This is an ambitious project that will cost in the region of $20,000 to $50,000 dollars (US) to complete.  This will provide a working system that will help to rebuild a community and the lives of those people remaining there.  It will also provide a much needed means of employment, and will act as a learning and training facility for the wider community.

Please Support Us

To date, Japan Aquaponics has pledged almost $5,000 (USD) worth of equipment and services to the ongoing projects, and has raised further funds from sponsors and generous individuals in Japan and the US.


Please help us to increase these amounts so that we can provide a valuable and unique service to communities in Tohoku - enabling them to feed and support themselves and regain their independence.


Japan Aquaponics is very pleased to use Ammado as our new method for accepting donations.  Ammado is the world's only true global donations platform, accepting donations in over 75 different currencies and all major - and many local - payment methods.


Ammado provides the simplest and most effective way to make a donation to our projects, and ensures that more of your donation reaches the projects and communities that it was meant to support.