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Please check out our Japan Aquaponics channel to see videos about our latest systems and information about aquaponics in general.  Clicking on picture to the left will take you to the channel.


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This video shows how a time-lapse of the installation of an aquaponics greenhouse in a small urban garden in the UK.


The build out is very neatly done and the finished greenhouse looks really lovely.

This video is a timelapse of us installing the indoor aquaponics unit in the Community Learning Centre in Minamisanriku up in Tohoku.  This shows 8hrs in just 1 minute!


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or to make any comments.

This video was taken in the evening and shows Aragon St-Charles talking about aquaponics to a group of children and elderly residents in Minamisanriku.


The video is in Japanese and English and is just about us explaining how aquaponics works in general,

Micro Aquaponics

This video shows the making of the Micro Aquaponics model, and then goes on to explain a little about how it works and why we are building these models.


The Micro Aquaponics model is designed for indoor use in homes, schools, anywhere where there is limited space, but good access to light.

Test Aquaponics Update

This video shows an update of the Micro Aquaponics Model 1 unit and the progress that has been made.


It also documents some changes that we made to the system to improve it.

Test Aquaponics #1

This video shows the making of the Micro Aquaponics Model 1 unit, and explains a little bit more about aquaponics in general.


This unit was hand-built as a test unit for small-scale aquaponics and is still running very nicely today!

Heat Recovery System

DIY Swirl Filter

Radial Flow Filter

This video shows the a DIY systems designed by a retired engineer who has integrated a heat and water recovery system into his aquaponics project.


He recovers both heat and water from the humidity created by the aquaponics system.

This is a video from Earthan Group, who have a tremendous amount of fantastic information on their website.


Paul, is extremely knowledgeable and will give you a science-based perspective of aquaponics that is invaluable.

Another video from Paul at Earthan Group that demonstrates a highly effective radial flow filter.


Radial flow filters can be even more efficient that swirl filters at removing solids from water and the video shows just how they work.