The hand-built Balcony Garden System is perfect for use in either outdoor or indoor environments.  These models are designed specifically for you, and are tailored to whatever size you require.  We have to balance the size of the fish tank with the size of the growing area - but withing reason we can make these units any size that you like.


This level of customisation is not expensive as we use standard model templates that can be easily adapted to the sizes that you require


This model could be used to grow a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables or flowers, and would be complemented by commonly available goldfish or small koi fish.


This model comes complete with almost everything needed to start a home aquaponics unit:


•  Frame & Wheels for ease of moving (not shown)

•  Grow bed

•  Quality Pump - compact and energy efficient

•  Integrated Air pump and filter

•  Pipework

•  Bell siphon or Loop siphon (to drain water back to fish tank)

•  Optional Grow-bed Media (Lava rock)

•  Optional Fish Tank (in case you would prefer to use your own)

•  Instructions for use


The kit will come with everything ready to be very easily assembled.  You just need to add the water, fish and the seeds or plants that you would like to grow.

Balcony System

Prices will normally start at approximately ¥40,000 for a hand-built balcony system, and final price will depend on specifications, finishes and any particular requests.