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The aquaponics greenhouse is effectively a microcosm, it’s a self contained, closed loop system where everything is recycled; from energy, to nutrients and also water. Aquaponics is a very visually attractive and intriguing concept, the integration of fish and plants combined with the calming noise of moving water makes for a captivating and productive learning experience.


Aquaponics has been proven to be a practical and hands on approach to learning with every element of our planet’s function being displayed, from the microscopic bacterial level right up to the “greenhouse effect”. Another huge advantage is that food is both produced and eaten by the students themselves, they can associate with and value its production. In terms of food miles, it is more a case of food meters!


The systems we provide can be used to teach children of all ages, from kindergarten through to high school.  The system is simple enough to appeal to youngsters and to demonstrate how an eco-system works - but can also be sufficiently complex to be used and studied in biology, physics, mathematics and so on and so forth.