Aquaponics for


Media-based systems

Hybrid systems

Producing food at home not only makes great economical sense but it also helps engage the family in the linkages between nature, food and our shared environment. 


Everyone knows a crop always tastes sweeter if you’ve grown it yourself, but getting the whole family involved in feeding and looking after the fish as well as planting and harvesting the crops is a valuable and hands on approach to learning and understanding both our ecosystem and where our food comes from.


Alternatively, aquaponics can simply be a great hobby for the individual who would like to produce their own food for friends, family or just for their own plates.  You can be safe knowing exactly where your food has come from, how it has been grown and how safe it will be.


What could be better, and more comforting, than stepping out to your aquaponic system once or twice a day to gather everything that you need for your meals?