Aquaponics for

Business & Communities

Media-based systems

Nutrient Film Technique systems

Deep Water Raft systems

Hybrid systems

If you are realistic about both the benefits and the constraints of aquaponics, then it has been proven to have the potential to provide a profitable and successful income.  Whilst it cannot economically compete with traditional, intensively farmed producers, aquaponics can supply very high quality niche produce, year-round, to selected localised restaurants, shops and consumers.


Research is the key to running a successful aquaponics business - feasibility studies are essential to pinpoint a gap in the market that can be filled with highest quality fresh produce. 


It is also possible to convert traditional aquaculture farms or hydroponic systems over to aquaponics in order to take advantage of the many commercial, organic and environmental benefits that aquaponics can offer.


Aquaponics is a viable alternative for community-based groups and farming cooperatives who want to set up a sustainable agricultural system - especially where soil quality or availability may be an issue.