Aquaponics Books

Aquaponic Gardening, by Sylvia Bernstein


This is a very useful "go to" book for anyone who is interested in starting aquaponics, or just finding out more.  The book is well laid out and the information is easily accessible.  This book looks primarily at media-based aquaponics systems which are most commonly used by individuals looking to set up and run an aquaponics system.


So if you are looking for your first book about aquaponics then this will be the one for you.  An excellent 'must-read' reference tool.

Alan Bridgewater's book, "The Self Sufficiency Handbook" is a really good introductory guide to a more self sufficient lifestyle. The book has practical notes and suggestions and is a nice starting point.

John Seymour's book, "The New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency" is quite comprehensive, and if I could only buy one of the above then I would most likely choose this one for its breadth and knowledge.

Carla Emery's "Country Living" is encyclopedic in its approach and covers almost everything, as well as adding information about recipes and things like that.  This book is mostly US focused for links etc.

Simon Dawson's book, "The Self Sufficiency Bible" is not really biblical in scope, but more of a comprehensive cheat sheet to a sustainable lifestyle.  The book will appeal to a variety of people and will serve as a basic introduction.

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These books are all ones that we have read, or own, and that we are happy to recommend as being well worth reading.

These first two books are focused on Urban Agriculture and do mention aquaponics but not in a great deal of detail.  You will however read lots of other ideas for growing your own food in the city.


Both are fairly similar in many respects and both are great choices.

For those with more space then the Polytunnel guide will show you how to make the most out of the space in your garden, how to extend the growing season, and will show what to plant and when.  It is quite a practical guide and details individual vegetables and how to grow them.

Finally, after all these bountiful harvests, the last book will show you how best to store everything to keep you going throughout the year.


This book details the best ways to make sure you have a delicious supply of food  throughout the whole year.