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My name is Aragon St-Charles and I recently founded Japan Aquaponics in order to promote modern aquaponics in Japan and to demonstrate many of its commercial and home applications.


I have been practising aquaponics for over 17 years after seeing an article that was written by scientists at the University of the Virgin Islands. I first started with a small system connected up to an aquarium, and my passion grew from there.


I decided to set up this company after the events of March 11th 2011.  I knew that aquaponics could be a viable alternative in areas of Tohoku that were no longer able to grow food in the conventional way.


I also knew that I wanted to show people of all ages, in cities or in the countryside,  the benefits of using this system and its advantages over contemporary agricultural methods.


Thank you for reading, and please do get in contact with me if you have any questions.


Aragon St-Charles


Founder and Managing Director

Japan Aquaponics (personal site)

The development of aquaponics starts with education, with helping people to understand what exactly aquaponics is and how it can be applied to many of today's growing environmental, agricultural and social problems.  We want to show how aquaponics is so different from traditional agricultural methods that we now use.  We want to answer questions like these:


•  What is aquaponics?

•  How can it be used in the home?

•  How can it be used in commercially?

•  How does it benefit the environment?

•  How can it benefit farmers?

•  How can it be used to teach children?


To demonstrate the principles of aquaponics we have also developed a portable micro aquaponics unit  which is designed to be used in schools as a practical and exciting teaching tool for children of all ages.


The benefit of the system is that it can be used at many different levels from kindergarten to high school, and there is a large amount of easily accessible information for educators.



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Japan Aquaponics is working hard to promote aquaponics in Japan to both commercial growers, as well as hobbyists who grow for pleasure and for their own households.


We hope to get increased interest from business, gardening, environmental, lifestyle, farming and other such similar publications, programmes and interest groups.


We can offer:


•  Interviews

•  Seminars

•  Talks (schools / community groups)

•  Promotional Material

•  Aquaponics Information and pamphlets


All of these will be available and tailored to the various media outlets as well as schools, interested groups, businesses, and other educational establishments.


Please contact us directly to see how we can help you.





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