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850 litre square fish tank


   W124cms x H78cms x D116cms



   Approximately 42kgs



Usual Retail Price:  ¥90,000 + p&p

Discounted Price Just:  ¥70,000 + p&p

850 litre Square Fish Tank

The 850 litre square fish tank is the number one choice in our range of high quality, food grade fish tanks.  These injection-molded, lightweight tanks are ideal for aquaponics systems as they provide a highly durable, lightweight and attractive tank that has passed the most stringent standards for food handling and safety.


Rounded corners ensure excellent water flow within the tank which benefits the development of the fish and makes the tanks extremely easy to clean and maintain.


These tanks have an extremely long usage life, even in the harshest of conditions, and so represent outstanding value for consumers.  When they finally reach the end of their lives (which could be 25 years from now!) they can be fully recycled.


Feature Highlights


Injection-molded, high impact resistant plastic stands up to heavy day-to-day use. The one-piece design eliminates the problem of product getting trapped between the side walls and base.


Splinter-resistant plastic delivers reduced maintenance costs,  and general wear-and-tear. Repair is inexpensive with hot air welding.


Lightweight construction makes these tanks easy to transport and to move within your aquaponics systems.


Rounded corners and smooth surfaces mean better water circulation and safe conditions for the fish. Risk of contamination is reduced because there are fewer places for unwanted particles to hide.


Easy-to-sanitize These tanks keep cleaning costs to a minimum.  A high-pressure wash removes most debris; a non-abrasive brush can dislodge any remaining waste.


FDA-approved materials are of the highest quality and are certified safe for use with all types of food products.

850 litre square fish tank
850 litre square fish tank
850 litre square fish tank