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Japan aquaponics aquaponic growbed 500 litres
Japan aquaponics aquaponic growbed 500 litres
Japan aquaponics aquaponic growbed 500 litres

500 litre HDPE Aquaponics Growbed


These grow beds are specifically designed and manufactured for use in aquaponics systems.  They are made from food grade HDPE and are fully UV stabilised allowing them to be used in the most demanding of environments.


The grow beds are extremely strong and can support even heavy rock mediums such as gravel or river stones whilst still performing exceptionally well.


Despite their strength these grow beds are still light, tipping the scales at only 18kgs, and can be easily handled by just one person if necessary.  They are available in green and beige, although other colours could potentially be made available on request.


These grow beds offer maximum flexibility and usability for individuals who are looking to build aquaponics systems.  They are designed so that the plastic can be easily cut to provide plumbing holes for your individual set-up.



   L200cms x W100cms x H30cms

Price:  ¥55,000 + postage and packing